Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Palldium-silver mokume wedding rings finished!

.Well, after  a lot of hard work, and bit of luck the wedding rings are finished in the nick of time, as usual. This time I opted for a simpler patterning process. I did not risk twisting the bar, although it behaved flawlessly, so it will be safe to do it in the future, but instead I started carving the patterns into the layers with a file.

This method is a lot less spectacular (and risky) than twisting but allows for much better control of the patterns.

You can also create patterns in different scale by filing down at different stages of the rolling process. The thinner the billet, the denser the pattern becomes. One must also heat up and oxidize the surface often so that the pattern becomes visible, as it is below.

Add a silver lining to keep everything tidy on the interior, and to add some thickness if you have rolled your billet somewhat thinner than wanted. 

And finally voila! Not bad for a first try. 

For people who are checking out this blog for the first time: be sure to check out the previous posts that explain the whole process of mixing and casting the alloys, rolling them, bonding them into mokume billets, and patterning them. Enjoy!