Friday, March 25, 2011

Mokume billets for sale

It has been some time since the last post, and it was mostly work-work-work. 

Today I sold my first mokume billets to a local jeweler! 

I 've decided to offer three types of billets, a more expensive 15 layer silver, shibuichi, shakudo combination, a common 15 layer silver-copper combination, and a more economical 19 layer copper, brass, nickel silver, brass combination, shown below. 

Dimensions are 45mm x 45mm, and thickness 7.5mm, 8mm, and 10mm respectively. Prices are per gram, and are as follows: 0.5 Euros/gr for the non-precious metal combinations, 2 Euros/gr for the silver-copper, and 4 Euros/gr for the Japanese alloys. These are about the same prices that the only European commerial mokume producer quotes. Due to the roughly 1.4 exchange rate between Euro and USD, they do seem pricey in USD, so I've decided (in the off chance that I get a client from the US) to keep the same prices in USD, so US customers roughly get a 30% discount.

Anyway enough with money and such. I have also worked both liquid state diffusion where the metals slightly melt before bonding, and solid state diffusion where the metals bond without melting. Of course, the Japanese swordsmiths of yore used only the liquid state diffusion process. For more technical details read the excellent Santa Fe paper below.

It's interesting how the modern approach relies on advanced technology, and really long bonding times but requires very little experience and care, while the old process is really quick but requires intimate contact with the material, a watchful eye and good timing. In the modern process you are guaranteed good results, but you have to wait, while in the old way you can do it in a pinch, but can easily ruin the whole billet if you are careless for a few seconds! Says a lot about the old masters...

Can't really say which technique I prefer, for the time being I do both, and time will tell. I am also twisting and flattening pieces to see how well they hold up, but more on that (with photos, I promise) later on.

UPDATE: I am still offering mokume billets for sale, just not through the Etsy shop. Just contact me below and I will respond directly through email, so we can work out what you need.


  1. Hi there,im interested in the billets of mokume you have for sale.Are they still available?if not could i put an order for a billet.What is the cost for the two consisting of precious meals? I live in Canada and my contact is
    Thank you.

  2. Thank you for your interest. I sent you an email from my yahoo address, I'm sending it again from gmail, just in case the first one did not arrive.

    Best regards,

  3. I dont know if you are still on business selling billets. Can you send me information on current cost and metal combinations. It would be for jewelry purpuses.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  4. looking for 19 layer copper, brass, nickel silver mokume gane 3 inch square by 3/16 thick (76mm x76mm x 5mm). Can you provide this and what is the price and expected shipping date?

    Please respond to

  5. Hello, can I order mokume from you now?
    What I need is a bar measures around 60*60*30mm, only by copper and brass, with some "melted patterns".
    Please reply to

  6. Hello, I would like to have 3 samples of the three different combinations you have listed above. I would like them to all be 10mm thick.

    Please let me know how much these will be to the USA.


  7. Can you quote me a price for a billet

  8. I'm also interested in a silver/shakudo/shibiuchi billet, size as you described above or as otherwise most convenient for you; email, postage to Brisbane, Australia. Please let me know.

    Many thanks.

  9. Hello,

    I am looking for a billet as well. I am in the states and my website is, please contact me through there so I can arrange for a billet.


  10. Interested in a price for small amount of silver/copper, 1x1x1.25 in and the non-precious metal billet at about 1x1x4 inches. reply to

    thank you

  11. 1x 5/8 x1.25 in and the non-precious metal billet at about 1x 5/8 x4 inches. reply to I typo'd sorry

  12. LOL looking at all the comments. sounds like you have a full time job. ive been obsessed with mokume since 1996. but unable to do more than dabble. im looking for just copper and brass billet. 2x2x50 but if things go good. i should be doing this myself. you do fantastic work and yes the jewelers should love you.
    Michael grayson in idaho

  13. disabled artist who works at a non profit art school. looking for a few pieces of mokume. copper/silver, copper/brass to make into a few rings.
    michael grayson
    1766 west sagebrush ave
    rexburg idaho, usa 83440

  14. I'm interested in purchasing a billet please email details at I have some questions about it to

  15. I'm interested in purchasing a billet please email details at I have some questions about it to

  16. Any way I could order a small copper and brass billet my email is