Friday, March 22, 2013

Proper Japanese style hammer, at last.

A friend made me a gift, a machined hammer head, made of Uddeholm Hotvar steel, which I finished, heat-treated and made a handle for.
Its 4.3cm wide, 13cm long, with a 34cm handle made of an old oak plank. Weight of hammer head is 1310gr, and together with the handle 1490gr. Perfect!

What was particularly interesting was the heat-treatment. Heat up to roughly 1000C, quench the first 5cm in soapy, warm water for 30 sec, and then let the heat of the remaining piece dissipate and do the tempering.

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  1. Hotvar's a secondary-hardening hypereutectoid steel. That's going to be an...interesting... microstructure after that kind of thermal history. It's a pity you've not got a spare piece to recreate the cycle on just for micro/macrosectioning.

    But that's a lovely, understated finish on a dropface hammer :-)